Today we live in a digital age. Everything is digital. We have the internet. We have mobile devices. Everyone has a screen. Here’s my screen here. You probably have your screen that you keep with you all the time. The whole world is like this. How are we going to reach a world like this? Well, God is giving us technology to reach this world that can communicate the Gospel message to people in their heart language in a way they understand. But we need to get those tools onto mobile devices onto the internet onto digital tools and means to get onto the screen that people are watching around the world. And so the Lord is giving us amazing technological tools. You know we think about the printing press something as simple as that, that we we all take for granted. Five hundred years ago we didn’t have that we had no means to print a book. And then God gave the idea for a printing press which was actually first created to do what to print the Bible. And then and now it’s printed many millions of books. While now the Lord’s given us the internet, given us digital technology that we can print and we can share the gospel message around the world without limits.

There are devices now like this one called The Light stream. You may have seen something like this or heard about something like this but what it does when you turn it on it creates its own Wi-Fi network completely independent from the Internet or from any tell of a telephone technology. It can be put anywhere, you put the gospel message in film or the Bible on it and turn it on and it broadcasts that film for ten hours. You could be on a long train ride, bus ride, plane ride in a coffee shop anywhere and the gospel can be going out to the people that are around you within your vicinity. And all they have to do is turn on their mobile device access the network and they’ve got the gospel in their language that they can watch and be impacted by. So think about how God is giving you the opportunity to share the gospel using these incredible new technologies. How can He use your mobile device. How can He give you ideas maybe for new technologies that can spread the gospel around the world. Think about that be a possibility thinker because God is!

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Photo by Nikita Katsevich on Unsplash

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