I was at a prayer gathering in Asia recently, and there was these thousands of young people right in front of me. And I was asking the Lord God what your heart for these people? And I felt like the Lord was showing me that many of the laborers now will go into the harvest will come from the harvest field itself. There is a challenge that we have, there is this group of young people, thousands of them, that wanted to get into the nations.

But there is also a need of people that were sent and support them and mobilized them into the harvest field. But we don’t only need people that will mobilize “the goers” but we need people that will mobilize “the senders”! So there’s a great need to bring awareness amongst the body of Christ to to to rise up to the call to send and support people and match resources to the needs. And that is my challenge for you as a mobilizer, there is a role for you and a key role to play especially within our context in the global south. To really bring awareness and education into the need to send people into the unreached nations of the world.

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

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