School of Missions Advocacy

Learn how to inspire God’s people toward their global destiny and be transformed into a more fruitful and effective missions advocate!

This Missions Mobilization Training Course is:

  • An online course on the Canvas Learning Management System.
  • 8 weeks in length.
  • Includes self-paced learning with short video lessons that fit into your schedule.
  • Includes a once-a-week live cohort meeting.
  • Affordable – $12 Tuition.
  • Registered as a University of the Nations Extension Studies Course.
  • Focused on helping leaders to inspire their people for missions.

We are so excited to offer this training specifically for leaders with a heart for the unreached and with a desire to help others find their role in the Great Commission. This training will transform you into a fruitful and effective missions advocate using principles that will empower you to move your community toward greater awareness of and involvement in Jesus’ Great Commission to “go make disciples of all nations”.

This Training Features:

  • Over 70 high-quality short video lessons (see the sample lesson below)
  • Affordable, online and mobile learning with Canvas (Mobile App Available)
  • The freedom to learn at your own pace each week.
  • Weekly cohort gatherings to connect, process, and apply.
  • Many experienced guest instructors from around the world.
  • A collection of inspiring mobilization stories from global missions advocates.
  • Opportunities to practice practical skills related to missions mobilization.
  • Access to many curated missions and mobilization resources.
  • University of the Nations Extension Studies Course credits and certificate.

This training is for…

  • Any leader with a heart for Jesus’s Great Commission.
  • Any missions-minded local church member.
  • Missions organization Leaders.

If you are seeking to deepen your community’s passion for reaching the unreached while growing your own capacity and effectiveness as a missions advocate then this training is for you!

You may already…

  • know the need of finding compelling ways to communicate missions vision.
  • be weary of hearing people say “Why should we care about lost people over there when there is so much to be done here.
  • realize there is much work to do before people understand God’s mission in the world and their role in it.
  • Understand that people resist being told what to think and do.
  • Be excited about the growing engagement of the Global South in missions.
  • Feel concerned about the lack of local funding for cross-cultural workers from these nations.

The School of Missions Advocacy will:

  • Help you avoid isolation and connect you to other supportive missions mobilizers through weekly cohort meetings and through WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Help you know that you are not just asking for believers to do more, but are inviting them to find life and purpose as they find their roles in God’s larger story.
  • Help you avoid the paralysis of what to do next and point you to missions mobilization priorities.
  • Help you avoid just telling people what to do and help you embrace roles that nurture ownership and buy-in.
  • Empower you to help believers look past their busyness and distractions to see what God is doing in the nations.
  • Highlight models for missions fundraising that work in non-western contexts.
  • Encourage mobilizers to focus on helping all believers become disciple-makers both globally and locally.

The Vision Behind this Training & an Invitation:

What would happen if you were trained and equipped as a Missions Mobilizer?

  • You will know the joy of seeing people from nations your community reached gather around the Throne (Wedding Feast of the Lamb- Rev. 7:9)
  • Your community will come to life and grow as they engage in God’s Global mission
  • God’s Mission will become an essential part of your community’s operating system rather than a side activity
  • Every member of the community, maturing as a disciple who participates in the Great Commission through activities such as: learning, praying, giving, welcoming, going, and mobilizing (advocating).
  • Short-term missions trips serving as more than just a positive experience but rather a powerful means of developing mature disciples who are able to make disciples who can do the same both locally and globally.

Where do you start?

8 Mindset Shifts that You Need to Make Right Now.

1) Mindset: As Missions mobilizers we have to go it alone because no one understands us.

Reality: Today there is a growing awareness of the vital role of mobilization and growing networks of mobilizers who are connecting and collaborating.

2) Mindset: Missions Mobilizers ask believers to make sacrifices in order to do more and give more.

Reality: There is overwhelming evidence missions vision does not rob anyone of time and money. Instead, that increased vision brings life and vitality to both individuals and whole communities!

3) Mindset: It is not clear what activities to prioritize and how to increase fruitfulness.

Reality: You can glean priorities, principles, and practices from experienced mobilization practitioners that will give you a clear sense of where to start and how to increase your fruitfulness.

4) Mindset: Building buy-in for missions vision is often very difficult.

Reality: When we engage with our community as learners, servants, and storytellers, the buy-in becomes much more likely.

5) Mindset: Most believers are too busy and distracted to engage with global missions.

Reality: When there is a missions mobilizer helping people to lift their eyes, they are able see what God is doing in the nations. They become excited about getting involved.

6) Mindset: Mobilizers are only focused on sending missionaries to the unreached.

Reality: Mobilizers can play an important role in helping all disciples become active in disciple-making locally and globally.

7) Mindset: Most mission mobilizers identify themselves as a mobilizer.

Reality: Most mobilizers are just Bible-believing followers of Jesus who have caught God’s heart for the unreached and are willing to leverage their influence to help other believers find their part in Jesus’ Great Commission.

8) Mindset: New missionaries from the Global South cannot receive enough funding from the Global South.

Reality: The obstacle is not a lack of finances but is caused by failure to embrace their crucial role as senders not just rather than only missions receivers.

What is a University of the Nations Extension Studies Course?

A Sample of the Short Principle-based Video Lessons:

Here is a sample lesson from Module 2 of the SOMA-ES

Testimonials from SOMA Alumni:

“I found GlobalCAST Resources (GCR) mobilization resources an enormous help as I tried to teach other YWAM staff about mobilization. The GCR material is flexible, and simple to use, but profound in the principles it explains. Excellent to help Great Commission workers or even ordinary Christians catch a passion for World Evangelization and the ‘why’ behind mobilization. The GCR materials are also a transferrable resource to help others raise up mobilizers. I found the discussion questions useful to help learners internalize the principles. The best mobilization resource since ‘The Mobilizers Handbook.'”

Rob, Missions Mobilizer and Trainer from the USA

“Last year in Colombia, we had the opportunity to be in the “Mobilization Conference” with Bevin, as a couple, it was a blessing. Just with the YWAM Frontier Missions Conference God talked to us a lot. But the Mobilization Conference was a tool, was a key for us. How to mobilize our church to pray, send and give for the unreached people groups.”

“You have been so much more than a teacher for us in that conference. you have been a mentor in how to be mobilizers. God is good! We are so blessed! We are happy to continue walking in our calling and as well we want to continue mobilizing our church and other churches in the Body of Christ to GO, PRAY AND GIVE for the unreached people groups. Thank you for all the material, and resources like videos, blogs, and books that you have shared with us in this journey!”

José and Jenny, Missions Mobilizers from El Salvador, Central America

I truly enjoyed the School of Missions Advocacy. I joined the school because of a passion for mobilization and I really want to see the global South grow in their missions sending. It was so accessible to people who have English as a second language, the layout was easy to understand, and the content was wonderful. The added bonus was that each week we had to use an app to create mobilization resources so when we finished the course we had a new skill and we had several resources to use. Thank you for a great course!! -Laura

An Overview of the Modules and Topics included:

MODULE 1 – Course Orientation and Introductions

MODULE 2 – An Introduction to Missions Mobilization

  • 2.1 God is the Greatest Mobilizer.
  • 2.2 A Good Definition of Mobilization.
  • 2.3 The Role and Calling of the Mobilizer.
  • 2.3.1 The Most Important Passion of Mobilizers.
  • 2.3.2 The Most Unlikely Mobilizer.
  • 2.4 Mobilize BOTH “Goers” AND “Senders”.
  • 2.5 The Top 3 Priorities for a Missions Mobilizer.
  • 2.6 Mobilization is more than Recruitment.
  • 2.7 Why Mobilization is a Vital Part of Discipleship.
  • 2.8 What Counts as Successful Mobilization.
  • 2.9 Prayer is the Wheels of Missions Mobilization.
  • 2.10 Why Mobilization is Crucial to World Evangelism.
  • 2.11 Why We Need Disciple-Making and Mobilization Movements.

MODULE 3 – Key Missions Mobilization Principles

  • 3.1 All People are Equally Lost, but Not All People are Equally Needy
  • 3.2 Is it OK to Prioritize Reaching the Unreached?.
  • 3.3 The Implications of Acts 1:8.
  • 3.4 In Jesus’ Great Commission, Everybody Plays.
  • 3.5 Waking up 100 Sleeping Firemen.
  • 3.6 We Can Mobilize Both Individuals and Whole Communities.
  • 3.7 Why We Should Prioritize These 5 Missions Themes.
  • 3.8 The Connection between the Gospel and Blessing Nations.
  • 3.9 Why Biblical Motivations for Missions are Important?
  • 3.10 Why Reframing Missions as an Epic Story is Valuable.
  • 3.11 Identity and Missions Mobilization.
  • 3.12 Why Global South Missions Mobilization Matters.
  • 3.13 The Strategic Role of the “Gobilizer” (Frontier Mobilization)

MODULE 4 – Missions Mobilization Best Practices

  • 4.1 Prioritize the Mobilization of Prayer for the Unreached.
  • 4.1.1 Mobilizing Prayer for Disciple-Making Movements
  • 4.1.2 How to Start a Prayer Movement.
  • 4.2 When Should Missions Mobilization Begin?
  • 4.3 What Is the Role of Life Coaching in Missions?
  • 4.4 What Could Funding Missions Look Like in the Non-western World?
  • 4.5 A Non-western Missionaries Challenge to Trust that God will Provide
  • 4.6 Avoiding the Dark Side of Missions Mobilization.
  • 4.7 Love Jesus, Hate Church?
  • 4.7.1 Patient Mobilization in the Local Church.
  • 4.8 Leveraging Short-term Training to Serve and Build Trust.
  • 4.9 The Role of the Arts and Media in Missions Mobilization.
  • 4.10 The Role of Music in a Modern-Day Mobilization Movement.
  • 4.11 How Creative Tools Can Build a Culture Around a Cause.
  • 4.12 How to do a Missions Minute in Your Community.
  • 4.13 Storytelling that Transforms the Missions Landscape.
  • 4.14 Adult Education Principles for Mobilizers.
  • 4.15 Mobilizing Families & Kids for Missions.

MODULE 5 – Community Development Applied to Missions Mobilization

  • 5.1 Community Development Principles Can Be Applied to Missions Mobilization
  • 5.2 The Positive Perspective of “God Is Already There”
  • 5.3 First, You Need to Mobilize Yourself!
  • 5.3.1 Do First, Then Teach in Mobilization.
  • 5.4 Embracing the Roles of Learner, Servant, and Storyteller.
  • 5.5 The Surprising Power of Asking Questions Rather Than Giving Advice.
  • 5.6 Why Servant Leaders Are More Effective Mobilizers.
  • 5.7 Why It Is Vital That You Know Your Audience (Contextualization and Mobilization).
  • 5.8 Why It Is Important to Identify a Person of Peace.
  • 5.9 Why You Need to Develop the Art of Creating Ownership.
  • 5.10 The Wisdom of a Common Agenda.
  • 5.11 Open Universe Thinking: There is Enough for BOTH Local AND Global Missions.

MODULE 6 – Missions Mobilization Stories

  • 6.1 An Indian Encourages New Global South Missionaries.
  • 6.2 A Vision for Mobilizing Latin Americans to Southeast Asia.
  • 6.3 Yes, God Can Send Out Khmer Missionaries from Cambodia. 
  • 6.4 A Tanzanian Mobilizer Courageously Advocating on Behalf of New Missionaries.
  • 6.5 Encouragement from a Latin American Mobilizer.
  • 6.6 Mobilizing from Papua New Guinea into Asia.
  • 6.7 Lilian on Missions and Mobilization from Kenya.
  • 6.8 Building Bridges to the church in Latin America.
  • 6.9 Just-in-time Training, Evangelism, and Mobilization Merge in Singapore.
  • 6.10 Mobilizing African University Students for Missions.
  • 6.11 Mobilizing IN and FROM Nigeria.

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  1. I’m eager to be a partake of this worthy cause for Christ All around the world. This has been my dream and I trust that this will afford me the opportunity to do so.

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  2. Thanks for accepting me for this program this opportunity is powerful and you impowerment for so many people , including my self and me i say to you May the good Lord continue bless you. for bring this program for me is my opportunity because my calling am an apostle so am missionary but i don’t have any support so if you help me in such area i really appreciate you in Jesus Christ name.


  3. I would like to participate in this amazing Course and hoping to join the August 2023 Class. I am based in Malawi.


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