GlobalCAST Resources is focused on connecting, equipping, and encouraging missions advocates, leaders, trainers, and mobilizers who are working to see the whole Church bring the whole Gospel to the whole world. 

GlobalCAST Resources was birthed in the hearts of Bevin and Judy Ginder as they embraced a foundational conviction that every single follower of Jesus has a part to play in Jesus’ Great Commission. Bevin and Judy are convinced that in missions, “everybody plays”. We are convinced that even though every believer is not called to become a cross-cultural missionary, every believer does have a role in the Great Commission. There are at least 6 ways of reaching God’s world available to every believer; Learn, Pray, Send, Go, Welcome and Mobilize. Check out the great videos from OMF on each of these roles.

We are focused on those called to mobilize because we believe that this key leadership function serves to connect and enable all the other Great Commission roles. The mobilizer role has many other names such as missions leader, missions trainer, missions advocate, and disciple maker, but it does not matter what title these individuals are given, their focus is on helping others to not only become healthy spiritually but to also become effective in partnering with God to reach the unreached.

GlobalCAST Resources to was established to in order to connect, equip and encourage these vital missions leaders/advocates who with the heart of Barnabas serve to help others find their roles in the Great Commission in both local church and mission agency contexts.

During the last decade, we have also been involved in partnering with God as He raises up new workers from new sending nations. The world has shifted under our feet and now it is no longer “the west trying to reach the rest” it is the Global Body of Christ partnering together to plant the Body of Christ globally. Almost every country is both a missionary sending and receiving country. Often, however, these new missionaries have a clear call to reach the most unreached but are not able to go due to lack of support. From our perspective, this is a mobilization challenge. We need a focus not only on training those who will go but also on envisioning and equipping those who could serve as senders.

“And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” – Romans 10:15 (NIV)

We are convinced that when we see more envisioned and intentional senders that we will also see a huge release of goer’s, especially from the new sending nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Many of these new sending nations have strong capable leadership and mature believers called to go. They do not need us to tell them what to do, but often new sending nations still do value servants with the heart of Barnabas. They still often value mentors who are willing alongside what God is doing to send new effective missionaries from the majority world.

Of course, each new sending context is so culturally different and so we cannot (and must not) try to copy and paste missions mobilization methods from the west. Therefore we have worked hard to identify principles and best practices that  (with guidance from the Holy Spirit) can be adapted and applied in these new sending nations. The missions mobilization workshops and webinars we have been able to offer have been so well received in part because of a teaching style informed by coaching and a focus on principles.

We are convinced that every believer has a role to play in completing the great commission or as we like to say “everybody plays”! But without the roles of the missions advocate, leader, mobilizer many will never find and begin to function in their Great Commission roles. We believe that if we find, equip and mentor more missions advocates then, in the long run, we will have more of the Body of Christ stepping into their roles in the Great Commission.

In His Grace,

Bevin and Judy