So today as we address the matter of mobilizing, we want to look at the whole matter of identity. Now my background is from a nation where 87% of our children, they are born outside of wedlock. We have a background where we are not too sure who our dad’s might be. And a father may have two or three sets of kids and you recognize you have such a large family that you don’t even know because your dad was here there and everywhere.

So the matter of the nations and going to share our faith with confidence is sometimes weak because we have not received the blessing of the father, the father’s blessing. Hence, we are not seeing enough leaders or enough fathers in the Kingdom to release the sons into the nations. Now Jesus was clear to say “as the Father has sent me, so am I sending you”. Now even before Jesus went out on His assignment, we heard the word of the Father said “Well done, You are my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”. Now, that affirmation, that confidence, released him in everything that He had to do. To suffer, to heal, to do miracles, to trample upon serpents and scorpions, that came from His identity as a beloved son! So I am here to encourage all levels, if we work with people wherever, whomever, we are all created in the very image of the Father. And as many as receive Him, He gives them the right to become sons of God.

So we’re waiting, we’re waiting to hear the same affirmation… “This is my beloved!” If only they get to hear the message once. And the minute they get the message, they need to share the message, that He the Father has space to welcome more sons and daughters. So as we mobilize the nations as we share our faith. Let’s invite them to the Father’s table. Let’s invite them to the Father who blesses and releases us to receive the fullness of the nation’s. The power, the treasures that are waiting, that is what the Father gives. So let’s invite them to the Father and let’s release them to the Father’s hand to release them as flaming arrows, flaming swords, to contend at the gate of the enemy. And to wrestle for these precious ones that God has already made and are waiting to hear the freshness of His love. The world is waiting for all of us. But let’s share the love of the Father that is the power to trampled upon serpents, scorpions and to win others to His Kingdom. Amen.

Photo by Limor Zellermayer on Unsplash

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