John shares on the Connection Between Mobilizing Prayer and Seeing Disciple Making Movements

My name is John. I’m from India and I work at the Frontier Mission Initiative in India and South Asia. I’d like to really thank God for this opportunity to share with you about how prayer is very important with our ministry that we doing in India and in South Asia. We have things are working on among different people groups and we have strategies and planning methods that we teach. But we realize that time to time, without prayer nothing can happen, it can be just activities. So we know that Jesus says “unless you bind the strong man you cannot enter into the house”. And every place that we go or new people group that we target or a new place that we want to go. The prayer has to be the foundation and it has to start with prayer. And now wherever we have seen the teams who have soaked in the prayer and done spiritual warfare. We have seen amazing opening of the doors. We have our team that work with one of the people, Wara people group. And their name, the leaders names are Joyse and Nanish. And they are the first people who are really focusing on their reaching out the people group in Puna and the surrounding places. And they had they had no team, but they started praying. And almost 8 to 10 years they played and also they had some places where they could go and share the gospel. But after the prayers, long prayers, many years prayers, they suddenly starting seeing the response from people. And they have been amazed to see that wherever they use to go afterwards people are responding and accepting Jesus. And they started to train some people and some local pastors and soon after that they had almost 5000 people in their network who they knew that they are accepted Jesus through them and through their networks. So there obviously its all because of prayers and because of the time that they spend in prayers and many people prayed with them. So this is one of the example. And we know we are so much convinced that nothing can happen without prayer. And we, myself, we are so much involved with a prayer network with the pastors in Maharashtra. We are a small group and we meet every three months, spend two days. And we’re really praying for the revival to come in Maharashtra in our state. Or state is called Maharashtra, and we expect and we have much expectation that soon we’ll see this revival come into Maharashtra and lots of people are coming to Jesus. And we all will study the history of revival, it’s all about prayer, strategic prayer. So I would like to again encouraging you, and also starting with you, let everything but we do start with prayer. And let’s get many, as many as people who can stand with you in prayer and many there are many different ways we can get involve churches, prayer groups, intercession teams and all of the different ways we can motivate them to stand with us in prayer. Thank you!

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Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash

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