Hello, I’m Bevin with GlobalCAST Resources. I wanted to speak to missions mobilizers, missions leaders, missions advocates about our heart and the Body of Christ. This is an important issue that we keep coming back to and re-examining. Is how am I doing in terms of my attitude, my perspective, on the Body of Christ the bride of Christ, the Church? Because many times we have been serving and there can be disappointment, there can be dysfunctions and worse that really impacts us deeply. And so that can rise up in us this temptation to say I still love Jesus but I don’t like the church. I’ve actually seen people say it that strongly. I love Jesus but I hate the church. And you know many of us would cringe when we hear that because from Jesus’s perspective at least that Church is His Bride. Corporately together, we are the Bride of Christ. Can you imagine somebody saying I like you but I hate your wife? Why that would bring up issues within yourself as to how you feel about that person.

We’re not talking about being in denial and not talking about pretending that there aren’t issues. What we are talking about is coming back to Jesus and asking for the grace to forgive. And coming back and saying Jesus, can you give me perspective, your perspective on Your Bride and Your dreams for her. Yes, there are warts and wrinkles but how can we together prepare the Bride of Christ to become all that she’s called to be and to co-labor with you to take back nations.

Whether we’re going to the frontlines to plant the Church or staying on the homefront to mobilize the church we need to be doing it from a place of love.

And so this is a key thing that we have to continually maintain, I think. Because there are bumps and bruises along the way. The Body of Christ is made up of all kinds of flawed human beings. And there are real disappointments and yet we can say Jesus give me your perspective, on a regular basis, and this is so essential. Because whether we’re going to the frontlines to plant the Church or staying on the homefront to mobilize the church we need to be doing it from a place of love. Right? To actually say I’m doing this because I love Jesus and I know he loves His Bride. And so let’s build that into our spiritual life. Regular check up to say “How am I doing and my attitude toward the Bride of Christ?”

Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

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