Check out these great quotes on the advantages of having a missions mobilizer.

The Ramblings of A Mobilizer

“When we stood up, and I heard the appeal made to the adults and youth, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and looked, there was no one there, and I knew it was my Lord.”. ~Darlene Rose Evidence Not Seen

So, you believe you have felt that same hand on your shoulder, or maybe you just sense in your spirit that He has called you to the nations.  Fantastic!  Being a veteran, I rejoice with you. Being a mission mobilizer, I should say that having settled this issue of His guidance is the easy step.  However, getting there can sometimes be a challenge, which leads us to ask the question: “Is it to your advantage to have a mission mobilizer walk this journey with you?

Instead of me giving you the hundred reasons why it is to your advantage, why not hear from a few of those…

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