Photo by Ryan Tang on Unsplash

We believe that missions mobilization is a crucial part of enabling the whole Church to bring the whole Gospel to the whole world. To make a case for this claim we look at the familiar idea of “begin with the end in mind” What our end goal is will influence whether or not we see mobilization as crucial.

For example, if our end goal is to disciple one person then we really only need to mobilize our selves. If our end goal is planting a church or a church planting movement then we need to mobilize a team and enough support but still, we do not really need to mobilize the whole church. But, if our end goal is the transformation of whole communities and even whole nations then it suddenly becomes clear that we will need to mobilize the whole church to accomplish this.

Yes, we need that team of trained church planters to go to the unreached and establish a beachhead for the kingdom of God. But that Church planting team might not be experts in other areas of life and thought, such as family, economics, celebration, education. The whole Gospel or the integral gospel includes both salvation and the transformation of every area of life and thought. A mature and mobilized church would be able to come alongside new church planting movements to help not only with salvation but also Biblical wisdom for every area of life and thought.

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