Do you teach on Missions? God’s Heart for the Lost? Are you in trying to help people engage with the unreached by giving, praying, or going?

It can take hours to create an effective missions presentation. What if you could “borrow” one from a successful influencer in missions mobilization? Something that has ALREADY proven effective in helping people understand AND get excited about God’s global purposes.

You’ll definitely want to put your own ideas and thoughts into it. But what if you could START with a pre-made, quality, slide deck (power point) that was already thoughtfully created?

For a limited time, a beautiful set of 85 teaching slides called “God’s Unchanging Purpose” is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Visually appealing, with amazing content, these slides will give you exactly what you need to share for an hour (or even a week) on the Biblical Basis of Missions.

As an extra bonus, together with the slides, you will also get a 45- minute video explanation by Bevin on how to use it!!!! This will save hours and hours of time, AND make you more effective.

If you teach (or want to teach) on missions; in schools, church, youth camps, or any other context, don’t miss this FABULOUS TIME-SAVING FREE RESOURCE. This offer won’t come around again for a while, so grab your copy of “God’s Unchanging Purpose” slides now.

Download this free tutorial for presenting the Biblical Basis of Mission

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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