In 2006 I started to join YWAM (Youth With A Mission) here in Battambang (Cambodia) and every now and then I keep hearing people come to me and tell me that God will send Cambodian people to the mission field. So when I heard that word, in my heart, I told myself that there’s no way that Cambodians can go out to the mission field. Because I looked at the reality that the church cannot stand by themself and the church cannot support us as Cambodian to be missionaries in the other countries. But through out the years I can see that God’s been working and God’s been doing miracle things in Cambodia, especially in YWAM Battambang. I can see that the youth came here and trained to be disciples. And then they go out and share the gospel in Cambodia and also in the surrounding nations, Vietnam, China, Laos, Burma and so on. So this is showing me that whatever God call, or whatever God told us to do… what we need to do is just obey. And then God has a plan for us. And there’s nothing impossible for him. What we just need to do is just listen and obey.

For more about the missions hub in Battambang, Cambodia mentioned in this video, visit:

Check out this video from UofN Battambang that includes their Missions Vision

Photo by Jon Tang on Unsplash

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  1. Great job. What do consider the best strategy to deploy to mobilize believers and Pentecostal churches in Nigeria to be senders and support missionaries. thinking of shooting a 60 secs videos to circulate via SM platforms. I have few thought in my head but don’t which to start with in order to build a momentum. your guidance will be very much appreciated.

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    1. Thank you so much for your heart to mobilize the Body of Christ in Nigeria! We need you in the missions field. You will bring something to missions work that nobody else has. We think the idea of 60 videos is great. These days with a phone you can make good quality videos. I have been influenced by Michael Hyatt who wrote the book “Platform” and highlight the need to have your own space (website/URL) on the internet. It is ok to post on social media but it would be good to always have that content leading people to your website. Since you are mobilizing in Nigeria… Here is an ENCOURAGING statistic for you “Did you know… if If 0.1% of African English Speaking Evangelicals were mobilized to go, it would be the largest mission movement. The English speaking Africa has a total number of 129 million Evangelicals, which is the largest potential mission force in the world. And yet these countries all together are sending and supporting only 5,000 missionaries to the unreached. It is estimated that if only 0.1% of African evangelicals were mobilized to go, that would mean 177,000 workers laboring among the unreached people groups, representing the largest mission movement in history. Source: Center for Mission Mobilization. @cmmobilization


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