What if the majority of believers understood the connection between “the Gospel” and “blessing nations”?

We’ve said elsewhere that mobilization is not just about recruitment. Even though that’s great when you have the privilege of doing that. But it’s also this long-term process of shifting ideas in the roots of our beliefs, that will in the long run produce more fruit in terms of people, prayer, and finances.

And we’re convinced, we are convinced that one key root issue is how we respond when we get the question,”What is the Gospel?” Now of course, this is a very big topic and there’s lots of perspectives on it but we would love to look in, focusing on Galatians 3:8. Here’s a verse that just really rocked my world when I got my mind around it and I hope it does the same for you. But I think this could really help us inform how we respond to the question “What is the Gospel?” And it has implications for how we think about missions as well. So here it is Galatians 3:8. “Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith and announced the Gospel in advance to Abraham.” And right there I was like, What?!? What is Abraham doing here? I thought the Gospel started with Jesus isn’t that a New Testament thing? But actually it’s mentioning Abraham here. I was like, Wow! That means that this Gospel started back at the beginning of the story. OK. OK. Abraham. But I would have expected it to go on to say “the Gospel that was announced Abraham is salvation eternal life, salvation from sins, forgiveness of sins, yes. But what it actually goes on to say is “all nations will be blessed through you.” So that is huge!

The Gospel here is being defined as, nations getting blessed. Imagine with me, if the majority of the Bible believing Jesus followers on the planet, when they were asked “What is the Gospel?” If their answer was, “nations getting blessed”. What would the implications of that be? Alot more people, prayer, and finances for missions right? Because right now when we asked answer that question often we say, salvation, eternal life, John 3:16, “for God so loved the world” and we’re thinking just me. But all of that is true, but it often doesn’t lead us to really think clearly about the Gospel and its connection to God’s plan. God’s purpose to not only bless us but to bless all nations. So of course this is referring back to Genesis 12:2-3 and God’s two fold purpose of blessing His people and then through them blessing all nations. So this as mobilizers work very intentionally to make sure that the Gospel in our disciples, in those we have influence with is clearly connected to nations getting blessed. Because that’s what Galatians 3:8 is doing. And we can too! [00:01:44][0.0]

Photo by Vitaliy Lyubezhanin on Unsplash

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