So as you’re going to the nations we just want to tell you about so many resources you can use to share the gospel in the language and culture of the people. And that will be on There’s over 600 films animations, indigenous dramas, that you can download on your mobile devices, on your laptops. And you can be used to share the gospel with the nations you don’t have to spend 10 years in language learning. These films share the gospel in the indigenous language and culture of the people. So be mobilized to the nations bring the resources you need for the people, the Bible, The Jesus Film, films in their language and culture and be equipped to be a world Christian and also to be a global Christian. As you go you have resources that you can say aha this speaks your language. Think of all the immigrants in the cities, we have the Syrian Arabs and the Fulani and the Somali they’re coming into your nation. How can we present the gospel the good news of salvation to them? So we just want to encourage you to use the resources that are available on the Internet to be both being mobilized to pray, to give, to go to the nations. But also once you’re there how you can equip believers with evangelistic tools and tools to even help them form home fellowships and DMM disciple-making movements to the nations. So those tools are available on our frontier mission Websites, on Create International, and on So take advantage of those to be equipped to be a global Christian.



Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

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  1. Friends: what a terrific resource! Thanks so much for sharing! I will pass this along to our audiences.


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