Missions mobilization can be so very creative and tap into any creative gifts that might help people catch more of God’s heart for the nations.

I want to stop and take a moment and encourage you that missions mobilization can be so creative. Yes of course we need people who are willing to stand up front and communicate clearly about God’s heart for the nations and educate people about what God is doing and inspire them. All of those roles are really good and great. But there’s a real clear connection between the rest of “the arts”. Things that you may be passionate about that can also be utilized in the calling of helping people see the nations.

For example photography right? One picture might be worth a thousand words. So that photo that helps people catch God’s heart for a people group or the lost, or the situations that they are in, that could be key in what God is doing. You could use music, writing songs that give voice to the voiceless, that inspire and motivate people to pray, give, and go.

You can write! We need creative writers who can tell the story and give voice to the voiceless and help people see that God uses ordinary people to do amazing stuff. We need people who are movie makers, right? Who can actually, if a picture is worth a thousand words maybe a movie is worth a million words. And they can help people pray and give and go and understand what God is doing in the nations. There are so many creative tools that you have in your heart.

Maybe you love social media. You are creating content for social media and you know how to use these tools for a cause. This… we need this, in the cause of missions! And this can be missions advocacy. This can be utilizing Websites and design and social media and writing and photography and music and all of these things can be engaged for the purpose of engaging people’s hearts and helping them see what God is doing and helping them find their role in it. So I just want to encourage you with that, mission mobilization can be so creative and we need you.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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