Media for Missions

Helping the church to see the unreached

 by Joshua

How many of the Bible authors were scholars? How many were writers? Not many among them, perhaps only Paul and Luke.

But the prince, army commander, shepherds, tax collector, and fishermen (among other professions), documented in writing the creation of the world, His commands, His birth, His miracles, and His stories, that we and all generations to come are able to know God.

“take up twelve stones from the middle of the Jordan…… to serve as a sign among you. In the future, when your children ask you, `What do these stones mean?…… These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever.”

God is still moving in the midst of the church TODAY, in THIS generation. We have testimonies shared during our services, fellowships, and prayer meetings. 

But are we as the church, documenting, and recording these stories of Him moving? That we can preserve as a legacy for future generations? Do we still remember the testimonies that were told in January this year in our church? Have we taken His work among us for granted?


An unchanging commission to the church, to make disciples of all nations.

Media has a powerful way of reaching people and disseminating information rapidly.

“To be all things to all men, that by all possible means we might save some.”

Why don’t we as the church utilize this means, to move the church into action, to bring His Word to the ends of the earth? 

According to Datareportal, as of October 2022, there are 4.74 billion social media users, which is 59.3% of the world.

How did you come to know Christ? Most likely someone told you a story about God at work.

Why don’t we tell His story through media to the masses? 

How many church services can we physically be at, to testify about His work on one Sunday?
2 church services, maybe 3. 

But if we are able to tell His work through the power of social media, we can reach hundreds if not thousands, on a single Sunday.

Not many of us will have the privilege to pastor a church of a hundred or a thousand members, but God has placed a SMART PHONE IN YOUR HANDS, that can reach a thousand a month, ten thousand in a year, or more. And what are we doing with our powerful smartphones?

Who then, would go on Christ’s behalf to document what He is doing around the world?

Who then, would record these testimonies of His work, for the generations to come?


To quote Ralph D. Winter, 

“People cannot respond to God on the basis of information they do not have.”

-Dr. Ralph D. Winter

 How can the church respond, if we are unaware of the needs, and His work around the world?

This was the conviction back then in 2017, that led me to form Ablaze Media Productions, as means to provide believers, churches, and leaders with information about the frontiers that do not yet know about Christ, so we can respond strategically to them. 

“When Jesus SAW the crowds, He had compassion for them”

As pastors, leaders, missions mobilizers, and missions trainers, we may have preached on missions, taught on Unreached People Groups, and wondered why our church members have not moved to action. We need to help them SEE the Unreached People Groups visually.

We need videos, and photos from among the Unreached People Groups, so that when the church sees them, we might have compassion for them, and be moved into action.

We need “missions journalists”, “missions producers”, and “missions photojournalists” to go to the ends of the earth, to document the spiritual needs, and to make aware the spiritual needs around the world.


How are we kept updated with the happenings in our nation?
How do we know what is going on in the world?

Because writers and journalists are documenting the incidents, going to dangerous locations, to report what is happening around the world.

During a disaster, we are able to contribute towards the needs because it is made known to us through the news.

How can we contribute towards the spiritual needs around the world, if we as the church is unaware of what is happening in countries around the world?

How can we be aware of the needs, if no one is documenting and reporting them?


It’s my heart’s cry, that we will have missionaries who will rise up as media producers, as missions journalists, as missions photojournalists to venture out into the world, to document what God is doing, and the needs around the world.

It’s my prayer, that pastors, leaders, and believers will come to realize the powerful tool we hold in our hands – our smartphone and use all means to save some.

That we will leave a legacy about His work, for the generations to come, so that they may know Him.

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