Great fuel for mobilizers to communicate. “10 reasons why mission matters in our post missional world”.

The Asian Rough Rider

Last week I was with persecuted Christians. A young mother was taken away in handcuffs and placed in leg shackles and put in a dingy wooden village jail, treated like a common criminal. Her only crime…refusing to sign a paper that would effectively deny her faith in Jesus.

This week I’m with privileged Christians. After a trendy worship service led by a guy in skinny jeans I get to go to lunch in an expensive SUV and stuff my face with double doubles from In-N-Out burger. My only frustration…I forgot to hold the pickles.

We live in a globalized world where Christians in the West are more resourced and informed than ever but care less and less about God’s global mission to establish his reign among every people, tribe, language and nation. God is about mission and mission is about God. His global redemptive purpose is to bring about…

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