You may be aware of this but there has been a dramatic shift in global Christianity whereas in the 1900’s the majority of the Christians lived in the West. Today the majority of Christians of all sorts are from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. And not only that the body of Christ in those places has been maturing and strengthening and the leaders are rising up and saying hey we read the same Bible you read we have the same mandate you have, to go make disciples of all nations. And they’re challenging their spheres of influence to rise up and send out missionaries.

So in my opinion, this is one of the most exciting things happening in the modern mission movement. It is God transforming the mission field into the mission force, rising up new workers from news sending nations. It’s no longer, it hasn’t been for a while, it’s no longer the West preaching the rest it’s just about every country being both sending and receiving missions country is made. So the Center for the Study of Global Christianity did research and reported that in 2010 out of the four hundred thousand missionaries that were sent out internationally about half of those, nearly half of those, were from Asia Africa and Latin American countries. And so, out of the top 10 missionary sending countries you find in Brazil and South Korea and even India. Isn’t that amazing?

This is one of the most exciting things happening in the modern mission movement. It is God transforming the mission field into the mission force…

Two weeks ago I was traveling through Bangladesh and struck up a conversation with an Indian gentleman. It turns out he was a missionary to Cambodia and had been effectively fruitfully working there for over nearly a decade. And at that same time that same week Cambodia sent out some of its best leaders to go as missionaries to India and bring the gospel there. So it’s slightly confusing but very cool.

Now with this comes new challenges, a season of opportunity but with every season of opportunity, there are new challenges. And one of those is how do we fund these new workers from new nations? So I have friends who are representative of many from Asia, Africa, and Latin America who have a very clear calling to go to the unreached, and they have proven character and even have training. What they don’t have is enough support when they don’t have senders. And I see this as a mission mobilization challenge, a leadership challenge. We need to rise up the leaders will not only recruit, train, and send goers but will help the senders to get that missions DNA and “The Biblical Basis of Missions” and “The Biblical Basis of Generosity” get that into the DNA. So that the senders will rise up and embrace their role as sending and sustaining these workers that God is calling out from among them. So I think this is a big need. We could see an explosion of new effective goers if we just had more senders and the way to have more senders is to have more leaders for casting vision and building missions DNA into their communities and so that they’re embracing that role of sending and sustaining those God calls out from among them.

Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

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