The Power of Asking Questions as Missions Mobilizers. We like to have the answers. It feels good to be perceived as the expert. But in some cases giving advice and telling others what to do, can turn off their hearts and minds. Many of us are resistant to being told what to do. So there may be some valuable wisdom for missions advocates/mobilizers in moving away from the expert posture and embracing the postures of the listener, learner, and coach. If we slow down and ask questions rather than compulsively giving advice then others can discover and have more ownership of their roles in the Great Commission.

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

2 thoughts

  1. This is so true. I could see myself through the narrative. Sounding like the expert “telling” people what they don’t know and should do. Really? How did we get there.

    What are some of the questions mobilizers ask that have proven to have the highest impact over time? Can anyone share some?

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    1. That is such a great question about best questions! We will take some time to compile some of our favorites and get back to you. We like to begin by asking questions that give the leaders the chance to tell how God has lead them so far. Also what their vision and values are at this point in their journey. One of our favorite question asking resources is called “Coaching Questions” by Tony Stoltzfus


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